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The highly fascinating city of Florida, Orlando is mainly popular for spectacular theme parks, adventure parks, exotic Sea World and Aquatic Parks. The place is considered the most appealing family destinations throughout the globe. And why not to be, you get to see myriads of dazzling destinations permeated in every corner, making your vacations truly admirable. This place is jam-packed with millions of tourists every year. Is it because of Universal Studios Florida or Walt Disney? Well this could only be answered by the one who has visited these destinations.
Of course, many other things in Orlando that makes this city stylish and distinguished. It hosts everyone with deep warmth that never feels like you are in an exotic land. The dive bars, thriving nightlife scenes, dinner attractions are great places to enjoy the varied taste of the city. Some of the remarkable destinations are:

Universal Studios Florida:

if you crazy for movies and shopping, then you would truly admire this place. Besides films and shopping, there is so much to indulge into. The highly prominent Universal Orlando Resort is just what you were looking for. The theme park fans will surely like to enjoy back to the Future, Terminator 2, Men in Black like super hits films. However, there is an another sibling to this Universal Studio site, i.e. The island of Adventure especially famous for incredible rides and other attractions named by Incredible Hulk Coaster, The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman and a lot more. And if you are a shopaholic, then it is something icing on the cake.

Discovery Cove:

This is not like other typical Florida parks; it is bit close to nature and creatures. It is the home of tropical fishes, exotic birds and land mammals, even you can get chance to swim with dolphins. The place is entirely loving, here you enjoy swimming, snorkeling and explore artificial coves, just opposite to Universal Studio.

Walt Disney World:

probably, this place does not require any introduction, comprising of superior parks with four theme parks and two water parks. Well this big place (47 square miles) takes a minimum of a week to explore the entire destination ecstatically. The Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre, Pirates of Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad are some of the rides of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are the major attractions of Walt Disney World.

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  Manchester 28May 15Jun 368.99
  Manchester 25Apr 30Apr 368.99
  Manchester 20Oct 12Dec 380.99
  London 28May 16Jun 389.00
  London 26Aug 07Sep 389.00
  London 25Apr 08May 389.00
  London 09May 14May 389.00
  Manchester 10Nov 07Dec 398.99
  Manchester 30Dec 03Feb 398.99
  London 20Oct 12Dec 407.45
  London 07Nov 09Dec 419.00
  London 30Dec 03Feb 419.00
  Manchester 20Oct 12Dec 420.99
  Birmingham 20Oct 12Dec 433.80
  London 20Oct 12Dec 443.45
  Manchester 20Oct 12Dec 445.99
  London 20Oct 12Dec 447.45
  Manchester 25Dec 29Mar 451.99
  Manchester 20Oct 12Dec 451.99
  Glasgow 20Oct 12Dec 453.90
  Edinburgh 20Oct 12Dec 454.35
  Birmingham 20Oct 12Dec 456.80
  Manchester 20Oct 12Dec 458.99
  Manchester 25Dec 29Mar 461.99
  Manchester 20Oct 12Dec 461.99
  Birmingham 20Oct 12Dec 471.20
  London 20Oct 12Dec 472.45
  Manchester 20Oct 12Dec 473.39
  Birmingham 20Oct 12Dec 473.80
  Edinburgh 20Oct 12Dec 477.35
  London 25Dec 29Mar 478.45
  London 20Oct 12Dec 478.45
  Manchester 17Apr 22Jun 480.99
  Manchester 17Aug 19Oct 480.99
  Manchester 25Dec 29Mar 481.99
  Manchester 20Oct 12Dec 481.99
  Birmingham 25Dec 29Mar 482.80
  Birmingham 20Oct 12Dec 482.80
  London 20Oct 12Dec 483.45
  Manchester 25Dec 29Mar 484.99
  Manchester 20Oct 12Dec 484.99
  London 20Oct 12Dec 485.45
  Manchester 20Oct 12Dec 485.99
  London 25Dec 29Mar 488.45
  London 20Oct 12Dec 488.45
  London 29Oct 12Dec 490.97
  London 25Dec 20Mar 490.97
  Glasgow 20Oct 12Dec 491.30
  Edinburgh 20Oct 12Dec 491.75
  Manchester 25Dec 29Mar 491.99
  Manchester 20Oct 12Dec 491.99
  Manchester 29Oct 12Dec 491.99
  Manchester 25Dec 20Mar 491.99
  Glasgow 20Oct 12Dec 493.90
  Edinburgh 20Oct 12Dec 494.35
  Birmingham 20Oct 12Dec 496.80
  Birmingham 25Dec 29Mar 497.20
  Birmingham 20Oct 12Dec 497.20
  Manchester 20Oct 12Dec 498.99
  Manchester 25Dec 29Mar 499.39
  Manchester 20Oct 12Dec 499.39
  London 20Oct 12Dec 499.85
  Glasgow 09May 31May 499.90
  Glasgow 25Apr 08May 499.90
  London 20Oct 12Dec 503.25
  Edinburgh 20Oct 12Dec 503.35
  Edinburgh 25Dec 29Mar 503.35
  London 17Apr 22Jun 507.45
  London 17Aug 19Oct 507.45
  London 25Dec 29Mar 508.45
  London 20Oct 12Dec 508.45
  Birmingham 20Oct 12Dec 511.20
  London 25Dec 29Mar 511.45
  London 20Oct 12Dec 511.45
  London 20Oct 12Dec 512.45
  Birmingham 25Dec 29Mar 512.80
  Birmingham 20Oct 12Dec 512.80
  Manchester 20Oct 12Dec 513.39
  Birmingham 25Dec 29Mar 514.80
  Birmingham 20Oct 12Dec 514.80
  Manchester 25Dec 29Mar 514.99
  Manchester 20Oct 12Dec 514.99
  Glasgow 25Dec 29Mar 517.30
  Glasgow 20Oct 12Dec 517.30
  Edinburgh 20Oct 12Dec 517.35
  Edinburgh 25Dec 29Mar 517.75
  Edinburgh 20Oct 12Dec 517.75
  London 25Dec 29Mar 518.45
  London 20Oct 12Dec 518.45
  London 25Dec 20Mar 520.97
  London 29Oct 12Dec 520.97
  Manchester 11Apr 22Jun 520.99
  Manchester 17Aug 19Oct 520.99
  Manchester 25Dec 29Mar 521.99
  Manchester 20Oct 12Dec 521.99
  Manchester 29Oct 12Dec 521.99
  Manchester 25Dec 20Mar 521.99
  London 20Oct 12Dec 524.45
  London 25Dec 29Mar 524.45
  London 20Oct 12Dec 525.45


if you love sea world adventure then here you have ample of attractions like Orca shows, sea lion and dolphins. The shows are particularly scheduled timely and one should pre-plan the booking before going there.

Aquatica Park:

Enjoy the most thrilling rides, you have ever experienced. The place has over 30 water slides, and couple of striking pools and stunning white sand beaches for adventurous trip.

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